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The Digglers

My Lovely Ginger

My beautiful little Lucy came from an animal sanctuary in Tameside. I always wanted a ginger cat and was informed that they had one to be homed. When I went, I was appalled to see the state she was in. She was so bad that they kept her hidden from view in a cellar. I was told even though I could see for myself that she was very poorly and was not expected to recover. Blow that! She came with me to Diggle and she never looked back! From being an ill and very depressed cat she became full of fun and wore the other cats out as she wanted to play day and night! It was fun to watch the other cat as they developed a system you play with Lucy hour! Lucy never tired.

The Digglers' Cat ~ Lucy

Lucy's Was Ill

Lucy was in her early teens when one morning I found her lying on the floor gasping for breathe. No time for a cat basket, I picked her up and placed her on the front seat of the car and drove like Michael Schumacher to the vets. I even went through red lights! Several times Lucy cried but I didn't stop. When I got there I flung her into the receptionist's hands who took her straight to the vet. I was convinced she would die. After what seemed an eternity the receptionist returned and informed me that Lucy would be all right. The vet had placed her in an oxygen tent and was expected to make a full recovery. Lucy had several tests and it transpired that she had an heart problem which caused the sudden flooding of her lungs. She would however be prone to this for the rest of her life. No more Diggle for Lucy she was coming home with me where I could keep a closer eye on her. The vet gave me two injections to give Lucy if she suffered another attack. After that she only had one and the injections worked.

Lucy lived with me quite happily for another three years until she succumbed to the usual kidney failure. It was a very sad day for me as I loved my little Lucy to bits. However, I am convinced we shall meet again in spirit form and till then her lovely memories keep me warm. Thanks little Luce!

Lucy The Cat's Photos


The Digglers' Cats ~ Lucy

Lucy The Cat's Poem

Those 15 years were just too short

I found my Little Lucy, many years ago.
She'd been badly ill-treated, and didn't want to know.
She became my little treasure, full of mischief, joy and love.
Enriching my life forever, like no human ever could.
Although I cannot see her, and her portrait's on the wall.
Her love is deep inside me, thank you dear Lucy, for it all.

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