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Hi there,

I came across your website by pure chance, by 'googling' Fenns Farm, a place where I spent most of my childhood.

My name is Sally Rowell and most of my youth was spent up at Fenns where I remember you very well. Whilst looking through old books and records, I came across Whisky Macs name, as a child I kept records of all the animals up at Fenns and many a day did I pretend that I was Ann or Vivienne and noted all the feed records and who was riding who on each lesson!!!

In looking at the minutes of your meeting, I note that you have enlisted Val as you treasurer. I take it that this is Val Buckley. My father tells a great story of one day whilst he was training his police dogs on the moors over Rochdale, he came across Val who was on the moors with Martell. Dad opened and held the gate open for them to pass through, but as she knew dad (Ian Rowell) I presume through work, she stopped for a chat. Martell must have been very bored with the conversation, as he decided to have a snooze and leant on the gate that dad was holding and squashed him against the stone wall!!!! My husband worked with Val's mother in Thomas Robinsons, where she was the receptionist/telephonist. She was a lovely woman known affectionately as Mrs B. She would wait patiently in the stable most evenings until Val had finished exercising Martell.

Val and Martell the horse

I left Fenns when it changed hands. I cannot remember the name of the guy that took it over. At the time I wanted my parents to buy either Grace, the thoroughbred or Pippa, the filly that ran through the fence and tore out her forearm muscle. As I expected my parents said no to both animals. However they went on to buy an Anglo-Arab who I kept next door at Eric Leaches farm. Unfortunately he died in April this year aged 34.

It was great to see the the adverts for the opening of Fenns on your site and brought back great memories.

Good luck and best wishesin the future and please give mine and my fathers regards toVal.