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The Timid Cat Who Did Not Use The Litter Tray

Cleo had spent several months at the RSPCA Centre. During that time she had been homed several times but was always brought back.  This was because she wouldn't use a litter tray and would make a mess in the house.  It was a shame because she was a very loving cat.  Being in my environment it didn't matter as much. If she used the stables and even in the kitchen area, a mop and bucket was employed.  Cleo soon grew out of her bad habit and started to use a tray.  I think with Cleo with her being a timid cat she was easily upset and this led to her not using a tray.  Cleo lived with me for several years until she developed heart trouble and I took her home but sadly she succumbed to heart failure.

The Digglers' Cats ~ Cleo

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The Digglers' Cats ~ Cleo The Digglers' Cats ~ Cleo