Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Cat From Val

In the section on Whisky Mac I have mentioned Val my riding companion. Her mum was very fond of animals and indeed she spent a lot of time at Fenns Farm to look after Martell, Val's horse. At home she had a cat called Tiddles of whom she was very fond, however an interloper arrived on the scene and was making her cat's life a misery. The solution was for this cat to become a Diggler. At that time, Val and I played Badminton every Sunday and it was arranged that the following Sunday, Val's mum would accompany Val and bring the cat and I would take him to Diggle. Ah, well, it wasn't as easy as that!

The Escape

I got him there all right, but his basket wasn't very secure and as I got it out of the car, he did a runner! Off he shot across the road and out of sight! It was no good calling him as he didn't know me from Adam. I contacted Val and her mum and they came and helped to look for him but no luck. People in the village were alerted and a notice was placed in the local post office. There were several sightings and after a few weeks, I was contacted by a lady who said she had been feeding him. I asked if she would try and get him in her house and I would then be able to take him back. She did and he was safely taken back with me.

Where The Name Came From

After his great adventure, he was keen to settle down and appreciated the warmth and comfort of his new home! Sometimes Val called Martell a Silly Herbert when he was being mischievous, and since the cat was ginger, I christened him Ginger Herbert. Ginger Herbert lived a long enjoyable life until he finally succumbed to kidney failure.