Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Feral With The Unusal Name

Molly Monkey(1) came from the Cats' Action Trust in Oldham.  She was a feral cat, very independent and would not let you anywhere near her.  As expressed before, having ferals can be a difficult undertaking as you cannot get them to the vet when they are ill.

Molly Monkey did suffer from continuous sinus problems and in her later years became quite ill.  It was only when she was completely incapacitated that I was able to handle her and get some veterinary treatment but unfortunately it only consisted of long acting antibiotic injection as anything else was ad hoc.  However she did like tuna and I managed to spike it with crushed tablets.  When Molly Monkey finally succumbed to her illness, it was a very sad day.  She was buried in her favourite spot in the garden and on the top was planted some white heater.  Sweet dreams Molly Monkey, I think you will be remembered by quite a lot of folk who were in reception when I took you to the vets and announced your name to the receptionist.  I must admit I was a bit miserable as I never said you were a cat!!