Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Feral

Paddy came to me from the Cats Action Trust in Oldham. He was a feral and the most aggressive cat I have had. He stood on his hind legs and spat at me! You could not get anywhere near him. Even though as I thought, the cats could not get out of the garden, Paddy did! There was nothing I could do as if I had found him, he would not let anyone handle him. I was sad as he was a beautiful cat.

The Digglers' Cats ~ Paddy

Paddy's Affection

Several days later, I was putting their breakfasts in the bowls when I noticed a cat sitting patiently waiting for his. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was Paddy! He never went on his travels again. Indeed he became very affectionate and I could handle him and he loved his cuddles! Poor old Sammy P (2) was frightened to death with him. He had previously known another cat Winston (he belonged to a lady across the road) was the same colouring as Paddy, and Winston used to torment Sammy P (2). However, Winston died and Sammy P (2) got a bit of piece. When Paddy arrived, he thought that Winston had come back!! Paddy used to love tapping the other cats on their heads when they were sat in the boxes. He marched along the walkway and this was his favourite trick. He had a great sense of humour!

I was greatly saddened when Paddy died. He lived into old age and had a stroke. The vet put him out of his misery. I took him to Rossendale Pet Crematorium and had him cremated and his ashes are back with me.

It was a great tribute and honour that Paddy bestowed upon me when he allowed me to handle him.