Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

Missing Popsy (1) But Along Comes Popsy (2)

The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2)After the death of my first Popsy, I was bereft with grief. As fate would happen, I was soon introduced to Popsy (2). I was visiting a friend who was at that time running Cats Action Trust and as we were having a conversation, a cat not unlike Popsy was climbing a tree in her garden. She explained the cat had been found in the local cemetery. She had recently given birth to kittens and as there was no sign of them, my friend came to the conclusion that they had been taken. The cat had been in a state of shock. I owed my friend a favour and yes you have guessed it, the cat came to Diggle.

By this time, Diggle was an enclosed environment but no-one had told my new cat. Due to the resemblance, she too was called Popsy and just like my first Popsy, she was not keen on other cats and every day she would get out. Fortunately, when I went at teatime she was waiting for me but she wasn't alone. She was a hunter and an assortment of dead wildlife would meet me on the doorstep with Popsy looking very proud. On occasions, she would drag back rabbits which were larger than herself and was quite upset as I took them off her and watched in anguish as they hopped down the drive and back into the field. According to Jill, who lived in the Toll House just above my place, Popsy would turn up every morning at around eleven o'clock just as if she was popping in for a cup of coffee!

The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2)

The One Eye Adventurer

One teatime, when I went up, as usual I was met by Pops (short for Popsy) but as I looked at her, I noticed that one of her eyes looked injured. I took her to the vet and by placing some dye in the eye confirmed it was an injury. She was placed on antibiotics but it didn't make any difference. I took her back and the vet stitched her eyelids but that didn't help. The only answer was to remove the eye as it was too badly damaged and would not heal. That was going to present problems. The vet explained that Popsy would cope quite well with just one eye but her hunting days were over. I couldn't risk her losing the other. So, home she came. When I lost be beloved Twinks (short for Twinky), she slept with me, became my constant companion and indeed my soul mate.

Popsy is still with me and long may she reign!

Popsy The Cat's Photos

The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2) The Digglers' Cat ~ Popsy (2)