Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

Skippy was found drumped in a skip and she had been slashed. A man heard her crying and went to the house to enquire about the noise. A lady went with him to the skip and found the cat. She took it to the vet. When I first saw Skippy (that is what I have decided to call her), she was wearing a collar to prevent her from opening up the wound. I said she could join my Digglers but would not take her until her collar could be removed. She had also been tested for the two viruses and was negative. It was three days later that I went to pick her her. Putting her in a basket proved difficult as she was extremely traumatised. Once up at Diggle, I errected that large cage that takes up half the room and I had bought her her own igloo. I placed Skippy in the cage and she made a beeline for the food after which she settled in the igloo. Skippy stayed in the cage for a few days then I let her in the garden with me which she loved. I then left the door to the cage open and she started to wander with the other cats. It took just over a week for Skippy to settle to the routine and she loves the place!! I have taken some photographs of her injuries which you will be able to see. I wish that people did behave like animals then things like this would never happen!

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