Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Work Colleague Cat Who Needed A New Home

Thomas belong to a work colleague.  A beautiful all black cat, very affectionate.  My colleague also had a dog and Thomas did not get on with the dog.  There was also another issue, her house had an alarm and if she left Thomas in the house, he would set off the alarm so she used to put him outside when she went to work.  She became concerned during the winter months and she eventually asked me if I would have him at Diggle. Guess the answer?  So he arrived.  He settled with the other cats but it was a shame because he loved attention, but due to of all the other cats and me also working, he did not do too well on this front.

After he had been with me for about two years, I noticed him dribbling and assumed he had teeth problems so a trip to the vet was arranged and he was booked in for a dental.  My colleague said she would pay for the treatment.  However, I received a phone call from the vet to say they had found a malignant growth in his mouth and wanted to know as to whether to put him to sleep.  I consulted my colleague and we decided as long as his quality of life was good, he could remain at Diggle and this he did for another two months and then the decision was made to have him put to sleep.  That was a very sad day.