Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Pregnant Sheep Who Was Savaged

The Digglers' Sheep ~ Dolly-BloomberryI got a phone call from my vet. At the time he did some work for the then Ministry of Agriculture. Apparently a sheep had been savaged in the Royton area of Oldham and he was called out to put it down. Armed with a body bag he went over. He found the sheep had not been too badly injured, however, the ear tag with the owners number had been removed. He was reluctant to put down the sheep and phoned me to see if I would add it to my crew. The answer was affirmative and the animal warden duly delivered the sheep. As she looked like the cloned sheep, Dolly, that was what I called her. The vet warned me that she was in lamb but due to the trauma it was likely to be still born.

Weeks went by and Dolly settled in and became known as Dolly-Bloomberry. A few months later, her lamb was born and he was beautiful Marcus Lavinacus (Marcus for short). Poor Marcus, he only lived for a few years and I found him dead in the field one morning. I have still got Dolly-Bloomberry and was informed last year by the shearer that she has no teeth!!! That doesn't seem to worry her as she tucks into the corn every morning. At least she can't bite me, she can only give me a big suck!!

Dolly-Bloomberry The Sheep's Photos

The Digglers' Sheep ~ Dolly-Bloomberry The Digglers' Sheep ~ Dolly-Bloomberry The Digglers' Sheep ~ Dolly-Bloomberry